Introducing Myself and My Blog

Hi, so I don’t really know if anyone will read my blog or not but…I am kind of new to this whole blog thing. I like to write and I have a few friends who blog so I thought I would give this a try. I’m currently a Senior in college, majoring in Animal Science. I hope to do some form of animal production when I get done with schooling. Figuring what specific animal I want to work with…now that is the hard part. I love agriculture and really have a passion for it. Growing up in a small agriculture community really got me wanting to learn more and more about it when I got older. It’s so diverse and there are so many things to learn.

My blog of course isn’t going to be all about agriculture because even though it may be a big part of my life, it isn’t the only thing that goes on in my life. I’m surrounded by great family and friends who keep me on my toes. Both of my mother and fathers families are pretty huge and even if we don’t all get to see each other 24/7 we are close. I hope whoever reads my blog will enjoy. I try to be an interesting person, and my friends tell me I am. So here is to trying new things and learning how to blog.



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