Start of my Internship!

As most of my friends and family know already I accepted an internship position with Heartland Pork LLC. in Alpena, South Dakota. My official title is their summer swine intern. I waited half the school year for school to be over so I could get to summer and get started. I started the internship on May 16 and my first day was really good. I had to do many training videos not only on that first day but in the following days as well. I got to learn about the programs the farms use and all about each individual farm under Heartland, which was really exciting. The next two days I spent working on things around the office. I got to create barn inspection surveys for all of the barns, I also got to get papers together to go into the new barn into a binder. The new barn is new because they had a fire last fall and they had to build up a new barn. The binder has safety instructions and how procedures around the farm work. I even got to help decide what needed to be added to make the binder most helpful for workers. The new barn will be a farrowing barn so there will be lots of new baby piglets on the ground here in a few weeks. That to me is super exciting because working with sows and piglets is probably my favorite part of the swine industry. Not saying that other aspects aren’t cool, because honestly the whole swine industry is amazing, agriculture is amazing.

I have really enjoyed my first couple of days here. The two ladies in the office and other staff has made me feel really welcome and they have helped me adjust well to everything. I already feel like apart of the family. I am so excited to see what the next few weeks brings and I already know that the end of summer is going to come quickly. It’s really going to be hard to leave this place when summer ends. But I am going to make the most of my time here positive, because I know that this is going to be one great experience for me. Wish me luck! pig


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